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Breitbart Exclusive: Carr: I’m Running Against Alexander Over His Vote for Amnesty

August 22, 2013

Tennessee State Rep. Joe Carr told Breitbart News on Tuesday that he is running against Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) in the state’s GOP primary for U.S. Senate over Alexander’s vote for the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration bill. (

In a phone interview shortly after he announced his candidacy on a local radio station, Carr told Breitbart News exclusively that Alexander’s vote for the Gang of Eight bill “is going to be one of the three critical issues in the campaign going forward.”

“Sen. Alexander’s support of the Gang of Eight Senate bill doesn’t address the problem with the illegal immigration issue in the United States and likewise in Tennessee,” Carr said. “The reason I know something about this is I’m the author and architect of every single significant piece of legislation in Tennessee that deals with immigration, whether it’s E-Verify or no sanctuary cities or identity theft and fraud, it doesn’t matter. I have authored and passed about half a dozen different bills specifically dealing with the activities of illegals in Tennessee and ensuring that Tennessee is a place of enforcing the law when the federal government doesn’t or won’t do so. We’ve been so successful we’ve never been sued, unlike Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia or Alabama. We’ve been very, very successful and I’m very proud of that.”

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